Monday, May 31, 2010


How many times have you eaten at a restaurant and noticed the waitrons cleaning the tables around you??? In my experience, I have noticed it many times and it is so off-putting to me. I am about to eat a meal and at the same time I am inhaling toxic fumes from the cleaners. If they were using earth-friendly cleaning products, the meal would be a whole lot more appetizing and safe!


"Your products are simply marvellous. I use the surface cleaner daily on my tile floors and they sparkle. My neighbor uses it on her wood floors and says thay they have never been brighter looking. What a great testament for simple, pure ingredients which respect the earth and refresh the soul. I use the all-purpose scrub for any number of projects around the house and find that I can also use the air fresheners to iron my clothes, instead of starch, it gives them a lovely smell while also freshening the air each time I spray it. I am so happy you have created these lovely and child-friendly products.
It is such a relief knowing that my children are no longer breathing in those toxic chemicals everyday. I think they are more alert and my plants seem happier too.
Thanks again!"....Margaux

"I love the products! They have very nice fragrances and make the house smell wonderful. But, even more advantageous is that they clean as well or better than any products I have ever used, without the harmful chemicals. I especially like the toilet bowl cleaner that leaves such a pleasant clean smell and the air fresheners are divine!!! I really am grateful for the opportunity to keep my new home clean, healthy and smelling fresh and inviting. You have a wonderful thing going and it's a blessing."....Joan

"I love your products, because they make the house smell so clean, fresh and without harmful chemicals."....Elizabeth

"I'm in love, love, love with the toilet cleaner. I want to use it everytime I'm in the bathroom. It smells and cleans nicely too. Well done! I've also used the lemon all-purpose scrub and I like that too. These really are wonderful products."....Katie

"Jean, keep making your wonderful products!"....Toni

"I love your products and especially the fact that they are so child-friendly!"....Robyn

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is an holistic blog, filled with information on earth-friendly, child-friendly green cleaning products, foot reflexology, massage for children and babies and much, much more.........

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