Have you ever stopped to think what is going down your drains and where it is going to?
WELL, it is going directly into the ground. I have a grey water system set up and so everything from my drains is going directly into my garden as I use the water for the flower beds and grass. The flowers, little insects, earthworms, birds and animals are all directly being affected by the gunk coming out of the drains. This is why it is so important to use earth-friendly and environmentally-friendly products.

What about pesticides?
Unless you buy organic fruits and vegetables, all of your produce will have been sprayed with pesticides containing harmful chemicals. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and either spray them with an earth-friendly spray or simply put up with a few worms! Growing organic fruits and vegetables just tastes so much nicer and isn't harming the earth.

Natural garden sprays can be purchased from health stores, garden centres and individual suppliers.

My citrus surface cleaner is great for spraying on herbs, plants and vegetables that get attacked by insects. I also use it to spray on roses and plants that get attacked by aphids.